A battery is an essential part of the car, and it is very important to maintain it properly,

to avoid getting stranded with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere.


Here are some helpful tips to prolong your car battery life:


1. Limit short rides: Those kind of rides prevent your battery from fully charging, while longer and frequent drives maintain battery power.


2. Keep it tightly fastened: Check if your car battery is properly secured and fastened. If not, vibrations could potentially damage the battery internally and create short circuits. So if you frequently drive on bumpy roads, do those checks regularly.


3. Turn the lights off when you exit your car: If left on by accident, they can put on a heavy toll on your car’s battery. A reminder in the form of some sticky note will do fine, to prevent yourself from forgetting to turn them off.


4. Corrosion control: It is normal for the battery terminals to corrode over time, but keeping them clean is a great way to delay corrosion and extend battery life.


5. Test your battery often: Use car battery tester to keep track of your battery voltage level and see how well it’s being maintained and if you’re due for a new one.


6. Turn off electronics while idle: Don’t use electronics (radio, air conditioner, etc) when idling your car, to avoid putting more wear and tear on your battery power.


7. You should care for your car as a whole: Although an essential one, the battery is just one part of your car, and properly maintaining your car as a whole is super important for extending its life and the life of your car battery.


Hope you’ll find these tips helpful.

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