The process of buying a home is often an exciting one for those involved. However, it is essential to ensure you make a wise investment decision. One way of ensuring this is getting a home inspection report, which is your first line of defense against settling for a sub-standard deal. To get the most from your home inspection, ask these questions.

1. How will I pick a qualified home inspector?

We must admit that the home inspection space is quite competitive, and all most homeowners care for is the charge. Although price is an important consideration, it should come last since there are other more critical issues. Look into their experience and qualifications. It is also important to find out whether they are licensed to operate in the area or not.

2. What problems should raise red flags?

Not all the issues raised during a home inspection carry the same weight. Some are more serious than others since they might make the house inhabitable. Some issues that require immediate attention are asbestos, mold growth and hidden in-ground oil tanks. Now that you are aware of these facts, you should ask the home inspector to look into them during the activity.

3. Which risks should I consider when purchasing a foreclosed home?

A foreclosed home indicates the lack of finances by the homeowner. It could also mean that the owner lacked the finances to undertake regular home maintenance tasks. Therefore, you need to double check the various aspects such as plumbing.

4. Do older homes have more issues than newer ones?

Yes, older homes tend to have more problems than those that have been constructed recently. For instance, support beams and posts have been through years of grime and dirt. Therefore, they are prone to termite, mold and rot. They are also susceptible to worn out wires that might result in electrical fires.

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