Here are a few tips on how to choose new windshield wipers in a jiffy:


* Choosing the right size: Wiper blades come in many different sizes, and actually, more than one size can suit your car. Hence you should read your owner’s manual to check

what sizes are appropriate for your vehicle.


* Measurement: You should measure your current wipers using a measure tape. Save the measurements on your phone, and you’ll have an easy reference.


* Assistance: Simply visit your nearest auto parts store, and ask some of the staff to help you choose the right windshield wipers. In some stores, they will install the new wipers for free when you purchase the wipers from them.


* Dealerships: To get the exact model of wipers that came with your car, go to the nearest car dealership and buy the wipers there.


* Comparing features: The most simple and cost effective option are the conventional rubber blades, which are the best buy if you are concerned about price. However, if you want durability, you should buy silicone wipers. They wipe away more water compared to rubber ones and last up to twice as long. Another option are the beam blades, which best suit curved windshields, but can be a lot pricier than the conventional wipers.


Finally, a tip for the coming winter: find the wiper blades that are sturdy and capable of surviving the cold weather.

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